Sugar Cookie Shih Tzus - We're Cookin' Up Puppy Love!
Our Dual ACK/CKC Registered Stud, Truffles!  Truffles is 8.5 lbs.  He has amber eyes and a stunning Iced Cappucino Coat!Thanks for visiting!
I am delighted you have taken the time to visit our site!  My goal is to raise happy, healthy, well socialized puppies that will be your family's perfect companion!  Our Sugar Cookie Shih Tzus are members of our family-not just breeding dogs-and are kept inside our home year round.  Their puppies are raised in our living room- surrounded by our family, handled daily by our children and exposed to our cat (they love her, she mosty ignors them).  They will arrive to your home comfortable with all the noises and happenings of a busy household!

AKC Mocha Maraschino!Past Liver Gene Sugar Cookie Shih Tzu Puppies!Our puppies getting their footing on the foor.Headed to the vet for a checkup!Caramel Red & Dark Chocolate Sugar Cookie Shih Tzus!I fell in love with Shih Tzus-particularly, Liver Gene, or Chocolate Shih Tzus!  Liver Gene Chocolate Shih Tzus are our specialty!   If you are looking for a Shih Tzu, you will find a wide array of beautiful colors available-we just happen to love the Livers best!  They have liver (brown) points instead of black, giving them a heart melting teddy bear appearance!  Their little noses, paw pads and eye rims are all brown!  Our AKC Registered Stud, Truffles, is a shining example of what a liver shih tzu should be.  He has perfect breed conformation and an adorable disposition to boot!   He is such a cuddle bug! Very smart and well mannered!  Our CKC Registered Dams, Brownie and Cocoa (both Livers) also conform perfectly to breed standard and are attentive, loving, happy Mamas!  They are perfect family dogs, get along well with one another and adore children!

AKC Liver Gene Stud,
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Our pets and their puppies receive their veterinary care at Belton Veterinary Clinic.  The vets and their and team provide excellent care and are always there to answer any question or concern. Their facilities are top-notch and their staff is absolutely the best!  You can reach them at 254-939-1994 or

We are also huge fans of Mobi Dog Spa in Belton!  Brandi Foster is an award winning groomer!  Most importantly, Brandi and her staff go above and beyond to provide service and care for your fur babies!   Spa Services,  Hand Scissoring, & Mobile Pet Grooming are a few of their many serivces-not to mention their wonderful Gourmet  & Special Diet Dog Treats!  You can reach Mobi Dog Spa at 254-939-6624 (Salon) or 512-577-1468 (Mobile).

This is our "Gingersnap"!  She is a beautiful AKC Liver Gene Shih Tzu with a gorgeous cream coat.  She is a sweetheart!  Gingersnap just wants a lap to lay in or an arm to hang on.  She's great friends with the cat and loves the kids-one of them is always toting her around.  She's tiny and quiet so she tags along easily!

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